About Nina Jeffre

Tools in my hands connect me to ancient and ancestral memories. Working in my studio, I feel a communication with my father whose workbench I sat at as a child.  I feel the spirit of the lands where I have lived; the Alaskan bush, the coasts of Washington and California, the deserts of the southwest. I am inspired by nature’s repetitive designs, small fragments that take time to see. These natural rhythms are what inspire my art, a geologic pattern in a 

rock, sand patterns along a beach, abstract patterns in a feather, light in the forest. The root of my art is my desire to capture the essence of spirit within the medium. Sometimes it is the process that leads me, sometimes it is the story simmering beneath the surface.
-Nina Jeffre

I am a featured artist at Form and Function Gallery in Woodland, California. Check out the gallery for pieces that are currently for sale.

Contact me at nljhandmade@gmail.com for information about pricing or custom work.